History of Indo-French Scientific Partnership

The first team French geographers arrived in Hyderabad in 1965, while two Andhra researchers left for Strasbourg. The priority of research was given to what was the least known, the most problematic and also the closest to Jean Gallais’ research: the development of the rural areas on which he was working in sub-Saharan Africa, an area whose climates were similar to those of Andhra Pradesh and had brought rural people to design various irrigation systems. South India was particularly rich with a palette ranging from micro-farming to giant deltaic developments encompassing millions of farmers. This lead to an important study that influenced many data driven decisions. This is 1970s picture of a Yerukala village that was selected for the study in Andhra Pradesh. Image courtesy: Luc de Golbery.

This project is our chance to understand how our nations responded to new ideas and discoveries. What happened when we first reached the space? When the first trains were electrified, when the first volt was generated from Nuclear Power… This is our chance to understand our cultures together through the lens of science. 

Ce projet est notre chance de comprendre comment nos nations ont réagi aux nouvelles idées et découvertes. Que s’est-il passé lorsque nous avons atteint l’espace pour la première fois ? Quand les premiers trains ont-ils été électrifiés, quand le premier volt a-t-il été produit par l’énergie nucléaire… C’est notre chance de comprendre ensemble nos cultures au prisme de la science. 

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