From the Archives: Herbarium of Legris and Meher-Homji

The Duke University aptly describe the herbarium as: A herbarium is a critical resource for biodiversity, ecological, and evolutionary research studies. It is a primary data source of dried and labeled plant specimens that is arranged to allow for easy retrieval access and archival storage. A herbarium is like a library, but differs in that the information is stored in a biological form––as pressed, dried, and annotated plant specimens .

Pierre Legris was a forestry expert who served as the Forestry Commission of Frence in Pondicherry. Keenly interested in botanical studies, he along with his collaborator V M Meher-Homji from Bombay worked closely to establish the Herbarium at the French Institute in Pondicherry. From the archives of the IFP Herbarium, here’s a glimpse of Legris & Meher-Homji’s collected specimens.

For more, please visit: Herbier Institut Français de Pondichéry

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