The History of Indo-French Scientific Partnership project is a flagship project of the French Embassy in India to document scientific exchanges and collaborations between France and India.
The project dwells into the defining scientific characters, lives of people, and the roles and responsibilities that each country played in the scientific development of the other and towards their shared scientific enterprise. Through this project, we revisit the scientific history of India and the contemporary world as we reinvestigate the relationship between France and India.

Focus Themes: Astronomy, Space Science, Mathematics, Physics, Nuclear Science, Aviation, Cartography, Biodiversity Research, Visual Analytics, Immunology, Epidemiology, Medicine, and Applied Research. Through these focus areas, we also reinterpret the enchantment of science in India and its intellectual history.

Exhibition: The exhibition explores the ability of Indian and French scientists to study and translate scientific expertise to develop new methods in various scientific fields and contribute to India’s nation building enterprise.
Miniatures, replica objects, animated movies, physical and digital exhibits that have never been showcased in a history of science exhibition before, are showcased in an interactive environment in this exhibition, that is presented in 10 themes.


Pranav Sharma

Pranav Sharma is an astronomer and science historian known for his work on the history of the Indian Space Program. He has curated Space Museum at the B. M. Birla Science Centre (Hyderabad, India). He is the in-charge of the history of Indo-French scientific partnership project supported by the Embassy of France in India. He is a national award winning science communicator and has extensively worked in the popularization of astronomy education in India.


Samuel Berthet

Samuel Berthet is the co-initiator and co-editor of the project. Along with Pranav Sharma’s work the project is inspired by his PhD thesis on the history of Indo-French diplomatic, scientific and cultural relation which highlighted early co-operation on chemistry, epidemiology, and nuclear research. His current position as Director of Alliance Française of Hyderabad, allowed him to contributes to the chapters dedicated to aeronautics, material science, agronomy and visual analytics.

Srini Kaveri

Srini Kaveri has been leading a research team at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Paris, and is involved with the basic and applied aspects of immunopathology and immunotherapy. He represents CNRS as the Director of New Delhi Bureau at the French Embassy.

Squadron Leader Rana T.S. Chhina

Squadron Leader Rana T.S. Chhina served in the Indian Air Force as a helicopter pilot. A qualified flying instructor, he saw active service on the Siachen Glacier and with the IPKF in Sri Lanka as well as in counter-insurgency operations in India’s north-east and Jammu & Kashmir. He is currently Secretary and Editor of the United Service Institution of India (USI) Centre for Military History and Conflict Research. He was responsible for spearheading the joint USI-MEA ‘India
and the Great War’ centenary commemoration project. The author of a number of books, he was Vice President of the Indian Military Historical Society (2004- 2020) and a member of the IAF Aerospace Museum Apex Steering Committee
and the Government of India’s Archival Advisory Board.

Rajesh Kochhar

Rajesh Kochhar is an astrophysicist who has also published original research in a number of fields: world history of astronomy through ages;  history and sociology of science, western science and the non-West; and  modern astronomy and astrophysics. He is the recipient of Indian National Science Academy’s Indira Gandhi Award for Popularization of Science, 2014.  He is the former Director of National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR) New Delhi and serves as an Honorary Professor of History of Science and Technology at National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.

Srinivas Bhogle

Srinivas Bhogle is an information scientist playing many roles: teacher, writer, talker, researcher and advisor. After graduating from Indian Statistical Institute (in 1978), and obtaining his doctorate from University of Paris V (in 1983), Bhogle headed the Information discipline at National Aerospace Laboratories (1984-2006). He was Vice-President Analytics at Cranes Software (2006-2008) and India Country Manager of TEOCO Software Pvt Ltd (2008-2017) headquartered at Virginia, USA. Bhogle is currently an Honorary Scientist at CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute, Bangalore, and also teaches at St Joseph’s College.


Nicolas Gravel

Nicolas Gravel is an expert in public economics and is an international expert in the field. He has been the director of GREQAM from 2012 to 2017, and has served as an expert on many evaluative boards, including the French HCERES, the Belgium FNRS and the Canadian SSHRCC. He is the Director of Centre de Sciences Humaines (CSH) of New Delhi.

Blandine Ripert

Blandine Ripert is an ethno-geographer and her research is focused on contemporary dynamics in Nepal and India, which she approaches from a spatial, social, cultural, political and religious point of view. She is the Director of French Institute in Pondicherry.

Mathieu Weiss

Mathieu Weiss is an international research and technology policy expert. He is the Managing Director of CNES Liaison Office in India.

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