Astronomy evolves as a figurative form of creativity, a departure from the norm.

Astronomy as a discipline can fool you into believing that the universe is a polite place. Astronomical may images appear delightfully soothing and charming, but actually, they are brutal. Astronomical facts are merciless, they brawl with your equanimity and rejig your sense of ‘the real’. These are poetic manners, aren’t they?

French Astronomers in India

Rajesh Kochhar The 1498 discovery by Vasco da Gama of a direct sea route to India opened up the subcontinent to the Europeans.[1] The Portuguese were followed by the British, the Dutch, and finally the French. Echoing the unanimous desire of the French merchants and mar­ iners, Jean-Baptiste Colbert set up in 1664 the Compag­nieContinue reading “French Astronomers in India”

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