French astronomical instruments in India

Rajesh Kochhar A six-inch aperture telescope on an English mount was made by M. Secretan of Lerebours & Secretan of Paris on an order from Capt. William Stephen Jacob (1813- 62),  who  was  then  at  Poona. The  telescope  was inspected by Jacob’s friend Charles Piazzi Smyth in 1849 at Paris, who made a painting ofContinue reading “French astronomical instruments in India”

Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen (1824-1907)

Rajesh Kochhar Janssen was born in Paris on 22 February 1824. His maternal grandfather was the architect Paul-Fuillaume Le Moyne. An accident in early childhood left him permanently lame. He was thus kept at home and never attended school. Janssen attended the University of Paris, receiving his licencees sciences in 1852. In 1857 he becameContinue reading “Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen (1824-1907)”

French Astronomers in India

Rajesh Kochhar The 1498 discovery by Vasco da Gama of a direct sea route to India opened up the subcontinent to the Europeans.[1] The Portuguese were followed by the British, the Dutch, and finally the French. Echoing the unanimous desire of the French merchants and mar­ iners, Jean-Baptiste Colbert set up in 1664 the Compag­nieContinue reading “French Astronomers in India”

Indo-French Cooperation in Mathematics

Michel Waldschmidt Former President of Société Mathématique de France highlights the Indo-French cooperation in Mathematics. Michel Waldschmidt is a world-renowned mathematician whose research has had a profound impact on number theory. He is considered the father of the great French school of transcendental number theory, has at least 65 scientific descendants, and is known to beContinue reading “Indo-French Cooperation in Mathematics”

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Toulouse and the rejuvenation the Indo-French space alliance

Pranav Sharma Space technology in the purview of the contemporary world is projected as synonymous with the greater good of humankind. It has become a voice of humanity’s conscience which could be justified by the fact that the realm of space requires the world to work together for a common goal and the results ofContinue reading “Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Toulouse and the rejuvenation the Indo-French space alliance”

C’est délicieux, n’est-ce pas ? Bose and his love for French

Satyendra Nath Bose’s career in theoretical physics is defined by the trip he took to meet Albert Einstein. He sailed for Europe in 1924. He could have gone to Berlin directly but he went to Paris first and stayed there for a while. He knew French quite well, as many of his friends and studentsContinue reading “C’est délicieux, n’est-ce pas ? Bose and his love for French”

Sardar Hardit Singh Malik: The Flying Hobgoblin

Sardar Hardit Singh Malik was born on 23rd November 1894, the second son of Sardar Bahadur Mohan Singh, was born in Rawalpindi, Punjab, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan). He grew with a huge house, carriages, horses, servants and money. Malik was the title vouchsafed to his grandfather Sardar Khazan Singh. He travelled to EnglandContinue reading “Sardar Hardit Singh Malik: The Flying Hobgoblin”

Remembering Claude Berge: Srinivas Bhogle

Claude Berge, who passed away on 30 June 2002 at the age of 76, was one of the modern founders of combinatorics and graph theory. Berge will be remembered for his wonderful books and his famous conjectures on perfect graphs. During an astonishingly productive period between 1957 and 1970, Berge wrote five books: on Game Theory (1957), GraphContinue reading “Remembering Claude Berge: Srinivas Bhogle”

Aviation in India and France: Blériot and Tata, the first steps

Samuel Berthet My first important memories from the point of view of a growing child, blessed with a fairly observant and inquisitive mind, were about cars and aeroplanes. My father decided that we needed a home of our own in which to spend holidays, and he picked on a new and developing beach resort onContinue reading “Aviation in India and France: Blériot and Tata, the first steps”

Jardin de Lorixa – A Lost Herbal from the 18th Century

Under the title “Ellemans botanique des plante du Jardin de Lorixa, leur vertu et quallite, tans conus que celle qui ne le sont pas, avec leur fleur, fruis et grainne”, the Central library of the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris holds a 14- volume folio manuscript, twelve of which contain 722 double-folio paintings of 720Continue reading “Jardin de Lorixa – A Lost Herbal from the 18th Century”