From the Archives: Herbarium of Legris and Meher-Homji

A herbarium is a critical resource for biodiversity, ecological, and evolutionary research studies. It is a primary data source of dried and labeled plant specimens that is arranged to allow for easy retrieval access and archival storage. A herbarium is like a library, but differs in that the information is stored in a biological form––as pressed, dried, and annotated plant specimens .

France & India in Space: 21st Century Alliance (Virtual Exhibition)

France and India have been working closely in Space for more than five decades. This virtual exhibition elucidates modern alliances between CNES and ISRO. These panels were first exhibited during a historical exhibition on CNES & ISRO at WINGS-India 2020 in Hyderabad.

VIKING Engine Correspondence: Virtual Archival Exhibition

Satish Dhawan, the finest modern technologist of India took charge of the Space Program in 1972 and held that position until 1984. Dhawan years of ISRO truly internationalized the program. In these years he was able to inspire several indigenous advancements in space technology and ISRO was able to create milestones under his leadership. ThisContinue reading “VIKING Engine Correspondence: Virtual Archival Exhibition”