Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Toulouse and the rejuvenation the Indo-French space alliance

Pranav Sharma Space technology in the purview of the contemporary world is projected as synonymous with the greater good of humankind. It has become a voice of humanity’s conscience which could be justified by the fact that the realm of space requires the world to work together for a common goal and the results ofContinue reading “Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Toulouse and the rejuvenation the Indo-French space alliance”

Remembering Satish Dhawan and His Legacy

…The United Nations sponsorship of Thumba has assisted greatly in the Range’s service to the international scientific community through the participation of a large number of scientists from various countries for carrying out rocket experiments… Satish Dhawan, 1976 Satish Dhawan, known for his leadership in the Indian Space Program, was an outstanding technologist who gaveContinue reading “Remembering Satish Dhawan and His Legacy”

Its Elementary My Friend: Gnana Gandhi Reminisces His Training at Vernon

“What I found different in their (French scientists) approach to any problem that they would start solving it from the fundamental level. Say they have to understand the heat loss in a system, I saw them writing fundamental differential equations and build the model from there. This was very interesting for me, and it hasContinue reading “Its Elementary My Friend: Gnana Gandhi Reminisces His Training at Vernon”

France & India in Space: 21st Century Alliance (Virtual Exhibition)

France and India have been working closely in Space for more than five decades. This virtual exhibition elucidates modern alliances between CNES and ISRO. These panels were first exhibited during a historical exhibition on CNES & ISRO at WINGS-India 2020 in Hyderabad.

VIKING Engine Correspondence: Virtual Archival Exhibition

Satish Dhawan, the finest modern technologist of India took charge of the Space Program in 1972 and held that position until 1984. Dhawan years of ISRO truly internationalized the program. In these years he was able to inspire several indigenous advancements in space technology and ISRO was able to create milestones under his leadership. ThisContinue reading “VIKING Engine Correspondence: Virtual Archival Exhibition”

APPLE of India

APPLE on a Bullock Cart. This image has become a symbol of Indian innovative thinking. The story behind this is that APPLE was to be tested for Telemetry, Tracking, and Command link. It required an antenna test to be conducted in an open field. Since the instruments were very sensitive, they required a non-magnetic environment. Doing the test outside India would have cost them time and money. The solution was thus found in five hours and an Ox cart was hired for 150 rupees, and tests were conducted without further delay.

Vikram Sarabhai, père du spatial indien

Le 15 août 1947, l’Inde devenait indépendante et un brillant étudiant terminait sa thèse de doctorat à Cambridge. À son retour la même année, il a monté de toutes pièces le Physical Research Laboratory dans une annexe de la maison familiale à Ahmedabad. Le nouveau laboratoire allait vite former le centre d’une agitation scientifique. CeContinue reading “Vikram Sarabhai, père du spatial indien”

Remembering Blamont and Sarabhai

When Vikram succeeded in creating ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), I was able to help him in various ways till the time of his unfortunate death. There was something unique between us since November 1963. Jacques Blamont (2016) On the eve of 15th August 1947, one could sense warmth in Durbar Hall. Autumn in IndiaContinue reading “Remembering Blamont and Sarabhai”

Indian Space Program: Reminiscences

Space technology is most essential for the all-round economic development of India. Vikram Sarabhai As we go back to the 1950s, the legend is that Jawahar Lal Nehru inspired the Scientific Policy Resolution. He saw science as a liberating force. Scientists and thinkers expounded upon the idea of India as a scientific nation, a nationContinue reading “Indian Space Program: Reminiscences”