Sardar Hardit Singh Malik: The Flying Hobgoblin

Sardar Hardit Singh Malik was born on 23rd November 1894, the second son of Sardar Bahadur Mohan Singh, was born in Rawalpindi, Punjab, British India (now in Punjab, Pakistan). He grew with a huge house, carriages, horses, servants and money. Malik was the title vouchsafed to his grandfather Sardar Khazan Singh. He travelled to EnglandContinue reading “Sardar Hardit Singh Malik: The Flying Hobgoblin”

Aviation in India and France: Blériot and Tata, the first steps

Samuel Berthet My first important memories from the point of view of a growing child, blessed with a fairly observant and inquisitive mind, were about cars and aeroplanes. My father decided that we needed a home of our own in which to spend holidays, and he picked on a new and developing beach resort onContinue reading “Aviation in India and France: Blériot and Tata, the first steps”